A very useful post

I have just come across James Farmer’s post on his weblog about his submission for ASCILITE 2005. Apart from being a very useful and interesting article in its own right it has some excellent links to further information about e-learning and blogging. I am creating a reference here so that I can go back a read it further. I look forward to seeing the finished article after the conference.

2 thoughts on “A very useful post

  1. Glad you find it useful Rowland! The final version should be available online as the conference proceedings but I wouldn’t hang out for it too much… I’ve been pretty busy!

    This looks like a pretty neat blog you’ve git going here… would you like to be a featured edublog sometime?

  2. Thanks James I would be happy to be a featured blog if you think it is appropriate. ASCILITE usually put their conference papers on-line so perhaps I will be able to access your paper there.